Frack That

Recently I’ve started watching Battlestar Galactica. Why I usually am a fan of the science fiction genre, there are several things about the show that I find more than a little bit ridiculous. I realize I’m a little bit late to the game with this because the show has already run its course in entirety, but these are my observations nonetheless.

Mother Fracker!!!

Everyone in the Battlestar universe uses the word “Frack.” It is the standard obscenity made by all the characters. Now, I realize that the use of the word Frack is just a way to get around being censored since the show originally aired on SyFy. However, it is absolutely impossible to take anyone seriously when they are screaming about how another character is a “Mother Fracker.” If you can’t use the real words, don’t invent a substitute, just don’t use them. The show Firefly had the most creative way of getting around censorship that I’ve seen. They simply swore in Chinese. Since it was english, or subtitled, they were allowed to say whatever they wanted.

Where are the getting the supplies to make moonshine. 

In the show there are always scenes where main characters are drinking. I accept the fact that that there was probably a fair amount of alcohol on the ship before the Cylons attacked. However, they’ve been out and about for almost six months by the second season. If the whole world just got destroyed I feel like the alcohol would be all gone by then. They also show people making moonshine quite frequently. I accept that people would do that as well, but where are they getting all the supplies to make the moonshine. At a certain point I feel like they would be running out of resources.

My number one problem with the show

If you’ve never watched the show I will give you a quick little catch up so you can understand my point. There is a character named Gaius Baltar. He constantly has “visions” or delusions that there is a woman in the room with him. He usually talks to her and interacts, sometimes violently, with her. The thing is that she isn’t really there. So he’s constantly talking to himself or looking off at nothing, and NO ONE EVER NOTICES! My number one problem is that no one seems to notice this guy talking to someone who isn’t there. He’ll be in a room full of people and he’s feeling up an imaginary woman, and no one seems to be the wiser. I have yet to finish the full series so maybe this issue will get addressed in later episodes, but for now, I am terribly upset about it.

Overall Battlestar Galactica is a good show. Having never watched the original series I don’t find myself upset about any changes that they made have made for the reboot. There are moments where the writing can be pretty predictable, but at the end of the day, who gives a frack?